What is Plastic Surgery?

plastic surgeryPlastic surgery is something that serves different purposes for many. There are circumstances where it becomes a necessity, and then there are other times where it becomes an option or desire.

A Plastic Surgeon deals with the restoration of some part of the body that may have become injured or disfigured in some way. Depending on the severity of the area being treated it may require reconstruction surgery as well. For those that are choosing plastic surgery out of desire and not necessity, it falls under the category of cosmetic surgery. This can be done for those that want to change their facial appearance for example, which is often a choice when it comes to having a face lift procedure or some type of reconstruction of the face such as the nose.

Plastic surgery is often the best resource used for burn victims who need to have grafting of the skin done. There is also reconstructive surgery performed as a result of the burn injury that they have received. Another common type of plastic surgery is that which is done on the hands. Quite often individuals end up with deformed hands or fingers and it requires a plastic surgeon to be able to reconstructed these so that they are more workable and usable.

Microsurgery is often used in plastic surgery procedures. This is where tissue is being transferred to one place to another on the body as part of the reconstruction process and includes the re-connection of the pertinent blood vessels. It is common for this type of procedure to be done with hand surgery as well as breast reconstruction type surgeries.

As you can imagine, type of surgery is very precise and intricate and plays a major role in the appearance of the patient. Doctors who specialize in this type of medicine and surgery go through very detailed and lengthy education to be able to practice this type of medicine.