Different Types of Plastic Surgery

There are many different types of plastic surgery that can be performed. The procedure and type will depend on the medical issue that is being addressed. Some types are more common than others.


LiposuctionLiposuction comes under the cosmetic surgery category. The main purpose of this type of surgery is for the removal of excess fat that has accumulated in various parts of the body. This can be areas such as the stomach, hips or buttocks for example. The recovery time can vary from a few weeks to several months.


This type of cosmetic surgery deals with the nose. Some of the procedures may include making the nose appear smaller or reconstructing it in some form. The recovery period for this procedure typically averages around three weeks.

Breast Augmentation

This is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgeries. It requires the use of implants. The purpose of the procedure is to make the breasts appear larger. It is often an expensive procedure. The recovery time is quite short and most women are quite happy with the outcome.

Eyelid Surgery

While there are several different types of procedures that can be carried out to enhance the facial features and slow down the looks of aging, the eyelid surgery is often a common one. What often takes place during this procedure is the removal of extra skin or muscle tissue and even fat that has accumulated. It can take up to two weeks to recover.

Tummy Tuck

Again another favorite when it comes to cosmetic surgical procedures. Any extra fat and skin is removed by the surgeon and the muscles are tightened up to enhance the flattened look. The recovery period can be up to six weeks.

It is not uncommon for many individuals to have several of these procedures carried out at different times to enhance their looks.